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What are Kore Holsters made of?

We use a thermoforming material called Kydex. Kydex comes in several different thicknesses. We have chosen to work in .08 Kydex because it is a nice balance between strength and flexibility. We use Kydex T- that’s the grade A stuff, not the recycled stuff some other shops use.
Our clips and attachment systems are injection molded plastic. We have found that Kydex is excellent for the shell, but over time it doesn’t hold up as a loop or clip. We strive to offer the best product possible with the greatest longevity.

Will my Kore Holster wear on my gun’s finish?

Any time two things rub together there will be wear. Our holsters will cause what looks like normal wear for something that is used often or daily. Leather and nylon will also cause wear to the finish of your gun over time. If you have a gun that is an heirloom of some kind and needs to remain pristine, it should stay safely home. If you carry a gun you should also practice with that gun. Practice shooting, holstering, and unholstering. If your carry gun has no wear marks on it you’re a big sissy.

Since Kore Holsters are hand made, what is the wait time?

Basic models take no more than one week, and custom rigs can take as long as three weeks.

Can my Kore Holster be affected by heat or cold?

Under most daily use circumstances your Kore Holster will be largely unaffected by temperature. However, if you leave any Kydex product on your dashboard on a hot summer day it could reach temperatures that will harm the holster. Respect your holster enough to treat it thoughtfully.

Kydex is easy to clean. Is it dishwasher safe?

Don’t laugh! This has come up more than once.

If a leather holster gets crud in it, that crud can be hard to clean out. A kydex holster is easily wiped clean with any mild household cleaner. We choose fasteners that are sturdy and rust resistant or rust proof. The shell is also sturdy and light. We form the shells by using heat to make the material pliable and form it to do what we want. Your dishwasher may be hot enough to undo some of our very precise calculations. So, don’t be that lazy!

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